MASc. Aerospace Engineering student at UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory, specialized in: 


  • Space Systems Engineering, Mission Design & Analysis

  • Aerospace Avionics Engineering

  • Robotic Systems Dynamics Analysis & Identification

  • Full Stack Software Development

  • Earth Observation Analysis

Previously the President & Technical Lead of University of Windsor's Space & Aeronautics Team (WinSAT) - Space Systems Division



Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 4.41.29 PM.png

Satellite ADCS Fault Detection and Isolation with Ensemble Machine Learning Techniques

Astrodynamics Engineering / ML Academic Research - Conference Paper

Dynamics Identification for Industrial Robotics

Roboitics Engineering Internship - Mujin Inc., Tokyo, Japan


UWindsor Rocketry Team - Aerodynamics Data Acquisition Module

Undergraduate Avionics Engineering Project

CryoRoute - Globally Optimized Naval Routes in the North Arctic Ocean

Undergraduate Earth Observation Research Project


Demonstration Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Undergraduate Nuclear Engineering Research Project




Awarded $2500 for outstanding work and leadership in Aerospace Engineering

Awarded $4000 to attend the ESA North American CryoSat-2 Conference


Awarded $1500 to attend the ESA Atlantic from Space Workshop to present Cryoroute


Awarded $5000 for application in UWindsor Winter Hackathon (WinSAT funding)

Canadian Space Agency Student Grant

University of Windsor
ESA Conference Fund

Founders Program

Series A Funding