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WinSAT-1: 3U LEO Earth Observation Cube Satellite

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

WinSAT Space Systems Division is competing against 15+ university teams across Canada to conceptualize, design, fabricate, test, and present a 3-Unit Cube Satellite (CubeSat). Over the course of the next two years, the competition will serve as a catalyst for multiple cross-disciplinary co-operative education opportunities among students of multiple engineering disciplines.

WinSAT won 1st place at the CSDC-5 Critical Design Review 2018-2020!

WinSAT-1 External View

In September 2018, I founded a university team to compete in the the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC). The CSDC is a Canada-wide competition for teams of university students (undergraduate and graduate) to design and build a small satellite. These satellites will undergo full development and space environmental qualification testing, with the goal of launching the winning satellite into orbit in order to conduct scientific research and/or execute its payload missions. Utilizing this competition as a fundamental first initiative of the organization, WinSAT seeks to bring national recognition of the University of Windsor’s capabilities in engineering, particularly in space and aeronautics.

The CSDC is an innovative and academically-challenging initiative which will advance space education in Canada, inspire students to pursue science and engineering educations and careers, and prepare tomorrow’s leaders with the interdisciplinary teamwork skills which are necessary for success.

WinSAT-1 Design Preview; presented at CSDC Critical Design Review @ ABB Bomem (Oct. 2019)


STK Demo of ADCS Nadir Pointing Mode using BDot Control Algorithm

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