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WinSAT-1: 3U LEO Earth Observation Cube Satellite

Updated: May 29

WinSAT Space Systems Division stands alongside over 15 prestigious university teams from across Canada, all eager to conceptualize, craft, and launch a 3-Unit Cube Satellite (CubeSat). This two-year challenge promises not only a competitive spirit but also a plethora of interdisciplinary co-operative education experiences spanning multiple engineering arenas.

WinSAT-1 External View

In the autumn of 2018, I took the initiative to establish a university team, setting our sights on the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC). The CSDC isn't just any competition; it's a national endeavor where university students, both undergraduate and graduate, come together to ideate and create a functional small satellite. The journey culminates in rigorous development and space qualification tests, with the ultimate reward being the launch of the victorious satellite into orbit, ready to undertake scientific explorations or execute specific missions. This challenge stands as WinSAT's foundational venture, aiming to spotlight the University of Windsor's prowess in the realms of engineering, especially within the space and aeronautical sectors.

Above all, the CSDC represents more than just a competition. It's a revolutionary academic initiative set to elevate space education in Canada, fuel the passion of budding engineers and scientists, and nurture future leaders with the holistic teamwork ethos vital for triumph in the modern world.

WinSAT-1 Design Preview; presented at CSDC Critical Design Review @ ABB Bomem (Oct. 2019)


STK Demo of ADCS Nadir Pointing Mode using the B-dot Control Algorithm

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