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WinSAT Rocketry Division Data Acquisition Module

The Rocketry Data Acquisition Module is a small Raspberry Pi Zero module made for the University of Windsor’s Space & Aeronautics Team - Rocketry Division.

WinSAT Rocketry Division 2019

I made the module to collect aerodynamic data during the launch of the rocket. The 2019 Module featured a small form-factor payload with the NXP 9DOF and Sparkfun Environmental Combo Sensor.

View all code and data available on the WinSAT Github

The module allowed us to collect the following datatypes:

- 9 DOF (accel, gyro, magnet)

- Barometric Pressure (& Altitude) Temperature, and Humidity

- Total Volatile Chemicals and effective CO2

The goal was to analyze the data post-launch to review the aerodynamic performance during launch, and to visualize the launch (with the CAD model of the rocket) in a 3D visualization software.

WinSAT's Rocketry Division came in 5th place in the 30,000ft COTS category in IREC 2019!

Rocket Data Acquisition Payload

Video from launch at IREC 2019

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