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WinSAT Rocketry Division Data Acquisition Module

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Introducing the Rocketry Data Acquisition Module: a compact Raspberry Pi Zero-based device crafted specifically for the University of Windsor’s Space & Aeronautics Team - Rocketry Division.

WinSAT Rocketry Division 2019

Designed to gather critical aerodynamic data during rocket launches, the 2019 iteration boasts a sleek payload featuring the NXP 9DOF and Sparkfun Environmental Combo Sensor. Explore the full breadth of code and data on the WinSAT Github.

With this module in place, we've been able to capture data points such as:

  • 9 DOF (comprising accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer readings)

  • Barometric Pressure (alongside Altitude), Temperature, and Humidity measurements

  • Concentrations of Total Volatile Chemicals and effective CO2

Post-launch, this data served as a foundation for rigorous aerodynamic performance analysis. Furthermore, using the rocket's CAD model, we could translate this data into a dynamic 3D visual experience.

A testament to our dedication and this module's effectiveness: WinSAT's Rocketry Division secured the 5th position in the 30,000ft COTS category at IREC 2019!

Rocket Data Acquisition Payload

Video from launch at IREC 2019

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